Why Choose Ricks?

Because everyone deserves the best opportunity possible
to learn the skills for long-term safety and enjoyment in driving a vehicle.

Our School

Multiple instructors to be able to work better with a wide variety of people

We live locally where we work

We are constantly in pursuit of better

We go above and beyond the usual--check out our website!

Our Staff

We have Rick, with over 15 years as a successful instructor, the owner and Master Instructor of his own driving school

Instructors are handpicked by Rick, for their capability as great instructors and coaches

Our instructors are also active contributors to improve what we do and how we do it, for better value for our students long after the last lesson

Our elearning provider, Trubicars. Exceptional in their program and customer service, we love how they are constantly looking for and developing better tools and resources for students.

It's Not Just a job For Us

Our staff are appreciated and encouraged in personal development, and can make a good living. This helps them to be happier, higher achieving, and excelling in their work and service. Happy instructors are going to be better in every way, and Rick invests himself here, too.

Example: Before the pandemic, he arranged for staff to participate in a special winter driving program, that not only included a tremendous in-class, but also plenty of action driving on ice with top-notch instructors experienced with ice racing. Not only did participants personally benefit, but we brought that experience back into the lesson cars with us, enriching our teaching skills.

So why choose Ricks? Because everyone deserves the best opportunity possible to learn the skills for long term safety and enjoyment in driving a vehicle. We at Ricks are committed to doing just that, and better every day.

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