Frequently Asked Questions

Who books my road test?

Student is responsible for booking their own road test. You can do it online at, or call 1-888-570-6110 or  647-776-0331.

Where will I get picked up for my in-car lessons?

Pick up and drop off within City limits

What payment methods are accepted?

You may pay by Cash, Credit Card or Interac e-Transfer 

What makes your driving school different from other schools?

Come on over to Why Choose Us and see why! 

What is the benefit of completing the Beginner Driver Education course?

Completing the Beginner Drivers Education course with Ricks changes your eligibility to go for your road test to 8 months from the time you passed your G1 test, as opposed to waiting one full year. The student may also qualify for a insurance discount

What if I need more than 10 hours of in-car lessons?

Private lessons are available at a rate of $65/one hour lesson. Please talk to your in-car instructor, or contact us.

Is your school approved by the MTO?

YES. Our school is a Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider. Visit the MTO website to see a complete list of approved course providers.

I need Proof of Course Completion for insurance purposes. What should I do?

Students wanting proof of course completion for possible insurance discounts need to obtain their Driver License History (DLH). This is done by request through Service Ontario. The fee is $12.00 (prices subject to change).

What is your refund policy?

There is $50 administrative fee for all refunds, and no refunds after 30 days.

Do I have to complete my G1 in order to attend your program?

No. You are permitted to enrol into our course prior to completing your G1. Our e-learning sessions may actually assist with the review of the G1 test. You must, however, pass your G1 in order to begin your in-car lessons.

Can I use the instructor's car for the road test?

Good news--yes! Please contact your in-car instructor.

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