Welcome to Mars!

Ah, so we see you have decided to join us on our little voyage through the Universe of Automobiles, first stop at Mars. We’re glad you’ve come aboard, because sometimes it seems like getting and owning and maintaining a vehicle is uncharted deep space, filled with alien concepts, dangerous wallet-sucking black holes, and possibly hostile motorized entities, not to mention the occasional inter-continental encounter! And that’s exactly why we have launched this blogship loaded with rocket fuel, to help you to better navigate your own starship journey, not just through our excellent driving course (earthbound though it may be), but life ahead on the road, and maximize both your money and your enjoyment in the grand adventure of owning a vehicle.

We invite you to travel on with us, either here at our Control Centre, or perhaps you would prefer a monthly supply ship delivery to your email inbox, by way of the UMV Ricks Words of Wisdom (Galaxy class, of course). In that case, you can scroll down and sign right up in Join Our Newsletter below!

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